child safety packet

In about the time it takes to read this page, two more children will be reported lost, missing or separated from their parents in the United States.

Authorities everywhere ask parents to have child safety packets designed to help police find missing children.  With more than 2,200 children reported lost or missing each day in the United States, these experts know that access to quality child safety packets with accurate descriptions is very critical.  Many parents already carry a traditional photo ID card, but these cards alone can’t provide law enforcement with the tools they need to begin a search or find a missing child, especially in the first 20-minutes following a disappearance.

Our Child Safety Packet

Permanent Impressions has developed the most advanced and effective child safety program available today using biometric technology designed to assist in a quick recovery during this type of emergency.  Our service uses state-of-the-art encrypted software and technology which allows information to be immediately transmitted to local authorities, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice and the media. We also incorporate traditional printing methods with our program.  We administer 10-print fingerprint cards (FD-258), palm impressions, writer’s palm, foot impressions, dental chart, physical characteristic graph and hair sample. All of the information necessary for the expeditious and accurate information of your child. This child safety packet is administered, completed, and delivered onsite – nothing is ever taken off-site for processing.  We’ve designed it to be easy to carry and simple to use but more importantly, it is formatted for the Department of Justice database.  Finally, it had to be administered accurately by law enforcement with an expertise in fingerprint identification.  During the development stage we sought input from various law enforcement agencies, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children ( and other child advocacy organizations, and then we used that well-researched information to develop the most accurate and comprehensive child safety packet available.

  • Ten Print-Rolled Impressions (DOJ/Department of Justice 10-print card)
  • Flat Impressions-Sequence (DOJ/Department of Justice 10-print card)
  • Palm Impressions (DOJ/Department of Justice palm card/right and left palm)
  • Writer’s Palm Impressions (DOJ/Department of Justice card/right and left writer’s palm)
  • Foot Impressions (right and left foot)
  • Digital USB key containing all fingerprint impressions, palm impressions & child information. Attach to key ring for immediate access.
  • Digital Biometric Ten Print-Rolled Impressions CD (DOJ formatted software)
  • Digital Biometric Flat Impressions-Sequence CD (DOJ formatted software)
  • Digital Biometric Palm Impressions CD (DOJ formatted software/right and left palm)
  • Digital Biometric Writer’s Palm Impressions CD (DOJ formatted software/ right and left writer’s palm)
  • Digital Biometric Foot Impressions CD (DOJ formatted software/right and left foot)
  • Wallet, travel ID cards with personal Identifiers/right and left thumb print impressions
  • Information Card/Name of Child & Personal Identifiers
  • Current Home Address and Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth, Weight and Height
  • Physical Description and Physical Characteristics
  • Medical Conditions and/or Allergies/ Parent or Guardian Information
  • Photograph of Child (Provided by Parent/Guardian)
  • DNA Sample (Strands of Hair)
  • Dental Impression Chart
  • Digital Biometric safety bracelet containing all fingerprint impressions, palm impressions & child information.
  • Permanent Impressions secured digital vault is a subscription-based service that enables law enforcement to instantly retrieve fingerprint impressions and vital information during a missing child emergency.