clients who trust us

" In case of an emergency we are lucky to have Permanent Impressions on our side! "

Ziggy Marley & Orly Marley

Grammy Winning Musician

” Permanent Impressions was extremely easy to work with. They were professional, thorough, and very helpful in navigating all of the information with regards to child safety. I’d highly recommend them. “

Ty Burrell & Holly Burrell


"We were very pleased of the quality and personalized service we received from Permanent Impressions."

Adam Sandler & Jackie Sandler


" Permanent Impressions is such a wonderful program. It is a great service to families and it help us feel safe in our own community. "

Teemu Selanne & Sirpa Selanne

Anaheim Ducks, (NHL) National Hockey League

” Permanent Impressions was great. They went out of their way to fingerprint our son and made him feel completely at ease “

Joel McHale & Sarah McHale


" This gives me immense peace of mind knowing that in the event of my worst fear coming true, all that could be done to ensure my son's safety will be. I'm so grateful for this system and that it exists for parents today. "

Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Cutter Dykstra

Actress I MLB Baseball

" We were so pleased with the opportunity to have Permanent Impressions come in and offer this great service to our families. The planning was great, the actual process quick and painless and the end result, a nice fingerprint safety packet. We look forward to seeing you again next year! "

Adrienne Schoen Gunn

USC Program Manager/Child Development Center

” We have used Permanent Impressions for the past 9 years. We have been so happy with their services, their thoroughness, and their kindness. Every Officer demonstrated care and friendliness with our students and staff. Mirman School | Los Angeles Sheila Simmons Assistant Head of School “

Mirman School

Mirman School | Los Angeles

" I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Permanent Impressions who elected to administer the digital fingerprints over the ink impressions that I chose. From there expertise, the ink impressions were not clear on my very young children. They made the safety of my young children a priority, and showed a thoughtfulness and initiative that you don’t see every day. "

Donna Roberts

Paramount Studios | VP Motion Picture Legal

" Permanent Impressions comes to our school every year to help keep our kids safe. Parents really appreciate the support and peace of mind this service offers them. It’s a great gift for all our families! I encourage all school Directors to consider this program for your school. "

Dr. Sheryl E. Cohen | Stephen S. Wise

Temple Early Childhood Center Director

” We are looking forward to having Permanent Impressions return to our center to provide our families with a service to ease their mind about their children’s safety. The officers are always patient with the children as they went through the fingerprint process and provided answers to parent questions. “

Gretchen McColley

Paramount Studios Child Development Center Director

" Permanent Impressions is a quicker and effective system that helps parents and law enforcement locate your child. What a great alternative to ink fingerprints. Their biometrics fingerprint safety packet works directly with the Department of Justice, law enforcement and information can be sent instantly. What a great program! "

Jamee Natella

Executive Producer/Founder Blueyed Pictures Inc.

" I was really happy with the work of Permanent Impressions, and the rest of the team. They made the fingerprinting process easy and manageable, and they were courteous and completely professional. "

Jeff Bernstein

Entertainment Attorney

“Permanent Impressions is such a great program and proactive way to help keep your child safe. At the Willows, we are happy to provide the opportunity for our community to engage in this important service that provides comfort and security.”

Kim Feldman

Director of Admissions | Willows Community School, Culver City

" My company, LePort Schools, has had the pleasure of partnering with Permanent Impressions for the past three years. During that time, Permanent Impressions has participated in Safety Week at each of our five campuses. The feedback I’ve received from our staff and families has been consistently positive. All the staff at Permanent Impressions have shown complete professionalism in their dealings with us. Every Police Officer that assists our school has a great rapport with the children. They explains the fingerprinting process to them in a way that makes kids feel completely comfortable. Since safety is such a major concern for parents, they really appreciate having this program available on campus. The opportunity to have a high quality fingerprinting experience, in a convenient location, and at a reasonable cost, is something they have told us they value a lot. For all these reasons, we look forward to continuing our relationship with Permanent Impressions. "

Monica N. LePort

COO, LePort Schools

" I can take comfort in knowing that we are doing all that we can to keep our children safe and have a physical way of tracking them if the unfortunate need ever arose. Permanent impressions is a professional, knowledgeable company who makes this service very easy for parents to take advantage of. "

Nicole Rubin

CEO Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California

“Permanent Impressions has been coming to our center for the past four years. Not only is the program very professional, they work very well with the children and it is such an important service. Each Officer is patient and gentle and they take their time with each child. The best!”

Peggy Chavez

Samuel Goldwyn Mayer Studios Foundation Children Center

" It was very easy having Permanent Impressions administer all of my children’s safety packets at my home. The program makes me feel very safe knowing that my children’s information is documented. This is a wonderful program and I highly recommend it for every family. "

Sarah Ehrlich

Founder of Help for Orphans International

“There is nothing more important than the safety of our children. Permanent Impressions is a wonderful organization that we have used for several years now. The attentive and professional staff does a great job fingerprinting and documenting our students in a fun and non-threatening way. We have received so many positive comments from parents, thanking us for offering this service at our preschool.”

Sunshine Preschool Administration

Los Angeles (Brentwood)

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